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The most powerful & innovative tools for the wireless, utilities, telecom, and public infrastructure industries are made right here. Experience a 10x improvement to existing field and back office operations.



Meet QuickSCIP, your wireless deployment secret weapon. With automations, logic-based forms, and powerful data management, you can enjoy a 10x advantage over competitors.

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Designed and developed to modernize utility pole audits, UAUDIT accelerates the collection and management of pole asset data through various time saving automations and increases accuracy and efficiency by eliminating data entry errors.

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About Us.

Thirtythree is quickly modernizing data collection and management processes for wireless and utility companies through technology, and as a result, has created 10x improvements to those processes, resulting in a greater capability and increased efficiency for its users.

We believe infrastructure elevates humanity

Thirtythree offers its technology to customers at incredibly low prices to encourage the standardization of data collection and reporting across industries. Our goal is to create the world’s first Global Infrastructure Database to help infrastructure companies become more efficient in asset management, maintenance, and new asset deployments. To accomplish this, Thirtythree continues to create innovative solutions that provide 10x improvements to existing processes, and making those innovations affordable and easy to adopt.

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What We Do

Create solutions that allow energy, water, and communications to be more affordable and more reliable for the world.

Why We Do It

We believe that reliable energy, water, and internet should be available to every person.

How We Accomplish It

By creating technology that reduces the cost & improves the efficiency of both new deployments and existing assets, infrastructure will become more affordable and easier to deploy.

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